My Body Belongs to Me – The Movie

It’s never too soon to talk to your kids about body safety, and with the help of “My Body Belongs to Me,” it doesn’t have to be a scary conversation.

This original movie teaches children how to keep themselves safe from sexual abuse. Through songs and lovable characters, the movie teaches about safe and unsafe touch, good and bad secrets and how to say “No!”.

The content of this movie was written in collaboration with educational consultants and professional therapists specializing in child sexual abuse. Geared towards ages 2-8, it is designed to approach this important subject matter without shame or embarrassment. The movie uses singing, dancing, games, fun and laughter to help children learn how to establish clear social boundaries and rules when they have to deal with uncomfortable and confusing situations.

With over one million views of the movie and live performances, “My Body Belongs to Me” has proven to be a MUST SEE for every child.

7 Important Lessons from “My Body Belongs to Me”

  1. MY body is MY possession
  2. Which of my body parts are private?
  3. What kind of touch is forbidden? What kind of touch is permitted? By whom?
  4. What kind of touch is forbidden when playing games like “House” or “Doctor” with friends?
  5. How and when to say “No!”
  6. The difference between a good secret and a bad secret
  7. Who can I contact for help?


My Body Belongs to Me


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