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יד ימין אדומה יעל פדר
יד שמאל אדומה יעל פדר
הצגה באנגלית

Writing and directing: Yael Feder

This show is intended for children at second and third grade .The show is presented in different versions depending on the age of the children and the nature of the population

Lately Yael has been a bit confused. She just learned in the kindergarten about the private organs of her body and that no one is allowed to touch them. but in reality she encounters all kinds of situations in which she finds it difficult to know what is right and what is wrong, what is allowed and what is not allowed. When she searches for her lost and beloved doll, Yael reconstructs these situations with the help of the other children, and together they learn how to protect themselves

This show is intended for children from grades k-3.


Duration of the show: 45 minutes Max viewers: up to 70 participant

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